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Month: May 2016

  • On Becoming a Better Leader Today

    When it comes being an effective leader in any organization, an important attribute is the strive for never-ending improvement – either for the company or for the leader themself through continuous learning. The Japanese is well known for such philosophy in their corporate culture known as “kaizen.” Remember: if you are not growing, you are dying. If you want to be a better leader, you not only need to constantly be learning about the business you’re in to ensure you...

  • Model Makeup Tips

    When you see models in magazines, on screen, and through various media, they always look like “goddesses” with unparallel beauty that very few of us can attain. But not so fast! The reason why many models appear amazing is because they all have professional stylists, but most importantly, makeup artists. In other words, you too can get the model beauty look at home, if you know a few tricks of the trade. The followings model makeup tips are all about...