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Month: June 2016

  • How to Prepare a Huge Feast for a Large Gathering the Last Minute

    From time to time, you may be called on to cook a feast for a large gathering, or voluntarily want to. Good for you, but what if you’re on a time crunch? How do you cook for a large gathering the last minute? Don’t panic! You can get this done without too much worry or exhaustion. Plan the Menu The first thing to do is pull a piece of paper out. You are going to need to plan the menu....

  • Why is my Laptop Overheating and How to Fix It

    Computers are not naturally cool. They are machines that have many working components and can heat up with use. The more processing power you need to run programs and work through different elements, the hotter the components can run. That’s why there are fans or liquid cooling in modern computing systems. But what happens when the heat becomes too much? There are a few consequences that can occur, but not before you get a warning. – The Warning First and...