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Month: August 2016

  • Clothing Tips to Look Slimmer

    Looking slim, even when you’re not in shape does seem like a tough challenge to work through. Many try but give up in favor of comfort over style, in fact, you may even be one of those folks in the past. But here’s the secret, style and looking slim can be done with a few helpful fashion tweaks. Do these three things to help you look slimmer with your clothing, even when you haven’t been to the gym in a...

  • How to Buy a Franchise Businesss

    A grand majority of the businesses that you see in every city are franchised. That means that the corporate company has allowed an individual or group to purchase stakes and operate the business with their licensing. Think of big companies like McDonalds, Burger King, Taco Bell, and the likes. These are companies that anyone can open up, assuming all the right pieces are in place. While every franchise opportunity is different, they share common ground. If you are considering of...

  • Saving Money in College

    A dollar saved is a dollar earned. Hit the million by keeping it. So you think the secret to becoming a millionaire is to pursue an MBA for the highest-paid job on Wall Street? Well, sorry to say…you got it all wrong. Dead wrong. You might as well be given a million bucks today, but that still doesn’t qualify you as a millionaire. What makes those folks part of the top 1% enjoying their lavish lifestyle is the attitude. The...