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Month: February 2017

  • What’s So Special About “$1 Club Shaver”? — Dollar Shave Club vs Gillette

    The rise of shave clubs has been getting a lot of attention. Millions of advertising dollars have been spent on commercials and product placements. The biggest of these clubs is that of Dollar Shave Club. They promote the idea that you can get razors for as little as $1, without compromising cost or security. They stop short of naming their competitors, but do talk about the cost and inconvenience of purchasing razor cartridges from companies like Gillette. But what’s so...

  • How to Be Taller

    Feeling on the shorter side or wishing you were a tad taller? Believe it or not, regardless of tall you are, you can always add additional inches to your height even after you have stopped growing, or if you are still growing, maximize your growth spurt. Simply put, if you want to reach your fullest height potential, there are a variety of things you can do to aid your body in such physical development, some obviously more effective than others....