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Month: August 2017

  • How to Find Lost Keys, Wallet or Purse Using Device Locator

    Have you ever lost any of your valuables – keys, wallets, phones, handbags, credit cards, debit cards, money, to mention but a few? What was your experience like? Did you feel a sense of panic or were you nervous? Are you like most guys who keep 50% of their lives in their wallet…or ladies, in your purse? Without a doubt, it can be devastating if your possessions should ever fall into the wrong hands. When any of these incidents happen,...

  • 3 Best Failures Every Entrepreneur Should Experience

    Every entrepreneur will face failure at one point or another, just as there is no way to avoid every single mistake in life. If you are going to start a business at any level, you need to prepare and accept that and overcome it. No companies have ever been majorly successful upon the first iteration and without any issue – regardless of those started with huge funding or lack thereof. As most businesses will fail within 5 years, the statistics...