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Month: September 2017

  • What to Major In in College?

    Ah, college. The ultimate destination devoted to higher learning where we all have been told time and time again since a toddler of needing to reach in order to make something extraordinary out of our lives and be a true success. Going to college is an incredible opportunity to get an education in nearly any discipline that you desire. Millions of people go off to college every year, and they go for majors in varying career paths, and some even...

  • How to Get Started in Day Trading

    If you know nothing or are hesitant about investing, then we’ll help get you up to speed in becoming more knowledgeable. Our economy here in the United States, as well as in other developed countries, is hinged on trading. Trading in the investment world is the act of swapping a particular financial instrument known as a stock (small piece of a company) for money. This process is driven on a two-way street, with investors swapping cash for stocks, while companies...