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Month: January 2018

  • Basic Feng Shui Principles

    We live in an agitated world. There is so much thing to do and so little time that, sometimes, it gets hard to keep our most vital spaces tidy, especially if you’re just a young professional or student trying to make the best out of your day, or maybe you’re simply lazy. But why does it matter? Due to the uncountable times that we feel disconnected from our environment, we probably don’t feel that our messy habits get in the...

  • How to Evaluate the Weak Links in an Organization, and Should You Let Them Go?

    In corporate America, there is a chain of command always assessing where it can improve its organization’s efficiency. Making up each level of that organization, there are the employees who are responsible for producing results, all contributing to the total linked performance of the company. Undoubtedly, some employees will either strengthen or weaken that performance link, thus their place in the company will need to be reevaluated, not because they’re terrible but because their strong suit may lie elsewhere in...

  • What to Do When Someone Makes You Angry?

    People are always going to push your buttons, whether intentionally or unintentionally, that’s just a flaw of human nature. No matter where you go, you will encounter those who have personal issues to deal with and might be rubbing that onto you as byproducts to make themselves feel better. The best thing to always do is not be sucked into their negative reality. Admittedly, learning how to hold back anger when someone is provoking you is no walk in the...