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Month: June 2019

  • Stranded on an Island? Here’s How to Survive and Get Rescued

    Imagine being in a catastrophic accident in the midst of nowhere: a plane crash in a lonely yet unknown destination devoid of human habitation or a stormy gale hits the ship you are cruising on, and the end result…you get stuck on a deserted island with nothing except your unassuming knowledge, will, and strength to survive. In such situation, you may be alone or even with other survivors far away from home, hotel, shelter, food, water, and most importantly safety....

  • How to Get the Best Seat on an Airplane

    Let’s be honest, we all dread getting situated right next to the airplane toilet; passengers are constantly lining up, going in and out, and opening and closing the door giving you a brief stitch of the smell. Or perhaps, you would have much preferred the window seat rather than being squeezed tightly right in the middle with limited legroom between Joe and Jane. The obvious question, how do you claim the best seat on an airplane? Many people think that...

  • Stop Body Odor Naturally by Wearing Certain Clothing Materials

    When your body is giving off odors, it can be a major cause for concern as well as an embarrassing “people repellent” (which is a blessing for all the misanthropists but not for the majority of the population) because society does not universally and socially condone, accept, and tolerate such menacing smells. Now you’re probably saying, “Well, that’s what deodorants are invented for?” True, but did you also know that what you wear in terms of fabrics and materials can...