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Month: September 2019

  • How to Score the Best Table at Restaurants without a Reservation

    Ah, the fine-dining experience…think fancy candles set on a table covered by fine white sheer Egyptian-cotton tablecloth in the dimly lighted atmosphere, with some stylish black-vested waiter pouring the most exquisite wine from the Bordeaux region of France with one hand on the bottle and the other hand behind his back to further enhance the finesse. This is the perception that often comes to mind when we think of going out to eat contrasted to cooking at home, right? Okay,...

  • Fastest Way to Get a Bachelor’s Degree

    A bachelor’s degree is no longer optional but necessary if you hope to have any chance of getting accepted in the workforce or promoted in the workplace, which has gotten tremendously competitive over the past decade. But still, obtaining a bachelor’s degree can never seem to be accomplished any quicker. That’s because it requires at least four years of active participation and time dedicated to the long hours for the academic pursuit. Some folks may even spend more than four...

  • How to Access My Home Computer Remotely from Any Computer in the World

    With the ubiquitous nature of internet and cloud computing, whether you’re traveling or just not at home, you will find that you can access your home computer from anywhere in the world from another computer or even a tablet or smartphone, if you know a few simple things. While there are “hacks” that you can use, we will only focus on easy legal options. If you can navigate Windows or Mac OS, then you’ll be able to work with these...

  • Improve Your Looks with the Help of a Personal Stylist

    Looking into looking your best, huh? Is your sense of style…one…hot…mess, or too much of a SQUARE in the clothing department? Well, fret not! Because Mr. Fernando Fashionisto has chartered a private jet all the way from Milan just to give you the perfect out-of-this-world look like you have just stepped off a Mediterranean yacht ready to have brunch with your millennial buddies or housewives of old money. No worries ladies, you won’t all be wearing floral dresses. And ugh,...