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Month: October 2019

  • Real-Life Superhuman Powers PART 2: The Supernatural

    Scientific investigations have shown that the human mind is capable of remarkable intelligence and mental abilities, and researchers are beginning to find evidence showing some people have the capacity go beyond the normal realm into the supernatural. (If you missed out on PART 1 of “Real-Life Superhuman Powers: The Natural,” you can find it here.) Medical doctors at the Maudsley Hospital in London have found evidence that there is correlation between a person having blackouts and later on displaying enhanced...

  • Real-Life Superhuman Powers PART 1: The Natural

    Are you ready to acquire superhuman powers? Our world has come to accept the incredible stories of folks exhibiting extraordinary abilities, some even to the point that is considered supernatural. Have you ever wondered how the Tibetan monks are able to regular their body temperature to stay warm and survive sitting for days in the cold without needing proper clothing or food? Have you ever witnessed real-life superhuman powers displayed by great spiritual leaders, psychic practitioners, meditation masters, as well...

  • How Do I Market Myself in this Day and Age? — 3 Personal Branding Ideas

    Marketing today is not solely about being professional – it has become personal too. If you are not branding or marketing yourself as well as your skills, you are missing out on opportunities. Countless folks still do not understand how vital this is in today’s market. If you have never thought about this, or perhaps you have and want to start working towards a better presentation, the followings are must-haves to gain momentum. Revamp Your Social Networks Sign and get...