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Month: December 2019

  • How to Find College Scholarships

    In order to pay for college, you are either going to have to pay out of pocket (your parent’s pocket most likely) or could get by on grants and scholarships. Finding scholarships has never been easier with the advent of the internet; however, with so many competitions, getting a guaranteed is a different story. The following will highlight the right moves to gain a fighting chance to get your education paid for. Talk To Guidance Counselors Every high school has...

  • What are the Best Free Antivirus Programs?

    Dare to refute this truth? The internet is here to stay and now an integrated part of everyday life. Not having the internet is like returning to the Stone Age. With the ever-increasing online threats from viruses, identity thefts, and other malicious activities in today’s internet age, not having security is no longer an option. You MUST have some security in place in order to protect yourself! Regarding internet security software programs, there are a plethora of options (too much...