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Month: January 2020

  • What is Brainwave Entrainment — A Tool to Increase Your IQ

    People often engage in meditation as a means to improving emotional state, self-awareness, and dream incubation. However, there are many other reasons why one should engage in the practice of meditation. Research has shown that regular meditation can contribute to a great deal of life benefits: Improved well-being Better health immunity Reduction in stress level Higher concentration Enhanced creativity and memory But did you know that there is a type of meditation that is specially intended to sharpen mental acuity...

  • Memorization Techniques to Improve Short-Term Memory

    Are you the type of person who forgets your keys, appointments, people’s name, or materials needed to learn for work or school? If you’re categorized as a human being, you certainly must have. Every day we encounter these short-term memory issues of forgetfulness – and wish we could simply remember everything. You may even tell yourself that it is not possible and that you will always be forgetting things. However, you should beg to differ. Why? Because there are three...

  • How to Find Cheap Apartments in a Week or Less

    Searching for the right apartment can be…no, actually…it IS quite the daunting task, not to mention if you have to do so in less than a week…yes…ONE WEEK. Oh the humanity! Okay, either you have just relocated to a brand new city, you simply want to get away from your not-so-good-terms roomies, your slumlord is unexpectedly not renewing your contract to start “gentrified development” for another hipster coffee shop or Chase Bank, mom and pop have finally forced you out...