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by Staff | January 30, 2018

Basic Feng Shui Principles

We live in an agitated world. There is so much thing to do and so little time that, sometimes, it gets hard to keep our most vital spaces tidy, especially if you’re just a young professional or student trying to make the best out of your day, or maybe you’re simply lazy.

But why does it matter? Due to the uncountable times that we feel disconnected from our environment, we probably don’t feel that our messy habits get in the way of our day-to-day activities.

However, there are some who would disagree. The way you maintain your spots can reflect a lot about your state of mind.

If you thought that Feng Shui was some ridiculous decoration trick, be ready to take in some insights and tips to get over that shallow prejudice about it.

Learn Feng Shui

The first you should know about the ancient art of Feng Shui, which literally translates to the word “wind water,” is that it bases its practice in the supposition that all nature is filled with Chi or energy. That includes not only the spaces we inhabit but also ourselves.

Then, the basic of Feng Shui would be that the space where you live or work in is a reflection of your inner self…yes, even for that chair in your bedroom and those dirty dishes left for days.

Crowded spaces are not Feng Shui-approved because they stop energy from flowing. The thing is, that energy is like wind and water: it needs to be flowing at all times. Being our homes and office spaces, where we spend most of our time, this is even more paramount to create an energy-harmonized environment for ourselves.

Here are some beginner’s tips on how to reflect your inner Chi into the world.

Feng Shui for Workplace

While being in your office, some Feng Shui might help you feel inspired, productive, as well as successful. Also, you can even become more disciplined if you do get the Feng Shui tips right.

First and foremost, clean clutter and organize disorganization, which by the way shouldn’t just be a Feng Shui tip, but a basic common sense thing to already be doing around your workspace.

The Feng Shui side of it is that cluttered spaces have a negative impact on your mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Getting rid of clutter and organizing mess are synonymous to mental clarity and focus.

A clutter-free environment will also reduce your stress and help you feel more relaxed. So next time you feel “too tired” to organize those files on your desk, remember that you’re preventing the energy from flowing the right way.

  • One way to do this is by creating a functional organization system – this means that you need to develop working habits that have a personal aim. Keep only those vital items near you, deal with paperwork at least once a week, and remember to organize your desk at the end of each day.
  • The second thing you need to do is make sure your desk is in the right position – which according to Feng Shui standards should be facing the door – while being able to see as much room space as possible. If you happen to be in a small cubicle, then you can try to make your desk face the main door, and if that’s still not possible, then you can get a mirror on your desk to reflect the main door. Going through this may seem like a hassle just to see the door, but it has its purpose: it’s a commanding or power position. This position offers protection, gives you comfort, and symbolizes you seeing opportunities as they come during your career.
  • Another thing you should do is find a Bagua map to reorganize your desk accordingly. A Bagua map contains a nine-part grid depicting the different areas of a space and how they correspond with an area of life. The Bagua map should help you with specific areas of your life. Each section of the map is associated with a color, and you can use objects of those colors (if you have them) and place them there.

Remember that clutter is the villain here, and that at least 50% of your desk should be free at all times. So choose one or two top prioritized life-areas, and start placing and rearranging objects accordingly to that given area.

Feng Shui for House

Just like for the office, the number one home Feng Shui rule is – no clutter. Therefore, the first thing you’ll need is to clean up your house and start throwing away those unneeded junks or any other kind of cluttered objects.

The door is still an important space in your home, thus make sure that nothing is across the door path. Any shoes, packages, or anything you might have cluttered around your door needs to go, so that you can make space in your front door, keeping it clean and free of obstacles.

  • You can always pick up a plant, which is highly advisable for both your home and your office. Plants purify air and are a great Feng Shui acquisition since they represent a nature’s element and lighten the environment.
  • That same power position you gave for your desk also needs to be applied to your bed. Even if “power position” next to “bed” made you giggle a bit, Feng Shui states this as a secure position, in which you can feel safe and relaxed.
  • Fix what’s broken. From little holes in your walls to clogged drains, your home needs to be free from any sign of breakages. They give impressions of impediments and interfere with the energy flow.
  • It’s also Feng Shui-approved to get a fountain, as long as you put it facing the front door and not in the bedroom. Fountains can be a sign of wealth when positioned in the right place, but in the bedroom, they can be a source of worries and sorrow.

Once you get a hang of the Feng Shui principles, it’s actually really easy to get your spaces flowing the right way. It will surely make you more relaxed and organized, and, therefore, you’ll be able to enjoy more stress-free times. And hey, it probably won’t be a miraculous cure for all your woes, but it is an alternative way to try to get all aspects of your life together

So go on and give it a try! If it doesn’t solve your problems, you can still keep the plant, the fountain, and the organized life.

by Staff

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