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5 Best Men Colognes for Different Occasions

by Staff | October 15, 2018

Style Men’s Fashion & Grooming

Are you an olfactory offender? Does your scent offend even the slightest movement in the room to get away from you?

Regardless of how manly you might think you smell by not showering for weeks after rugging through the forest, if your stench is unacceptable in social norms, be prepared to be isolated, rejected, or be asked to leave pronto.

Let’s face it, would you want to be locked in a room with some smelly bum who looks like he has dirt and feces smeared all over himself? Yes, that is a rhetorical question.

It’s time to get with the modern times, gentlemen. Welcome to the 21st century, where real men are well-groomed champs to stand out more desirably from their unkempt counterpart chumps.

In regards to smelling your best for success, there are men’s colognes of many varieties out there on the market. Whether you are looking for something strong or something that is lightweight, by focusing on the ideal fragrance for nearly every occasion that you can get involved with will allow you to set your best foot forward no doubt.

– Oud Palao Eau de Parfum by Diptyque

To start things off, you get a blend of vanilla and oud wood released by Diptyque with its impressive Oud Palao Eau de Parfum. It’s a strong cologne that smells sweet and yet courageous in many ways, making it great for important meetings with a boss of your company or the parents of your newfound loved one. This cologne is the orchestrator of creating first good impressions upon first spray, and beyond.

– Guilty Pour Homme by Gucci

Gucci is a brand that everybody has heard of. They create a long list of goods suited for the fashionable lifestyle, and their colognes are no exception. Guilty Pour Homme is a mix of citrus notes and woody natural smells, and it is a swell choice for going out on the town, casually enjoying an afternoon with a new date, or simply wanting to be noticed when walking into a room. It’s not too strong to the point of being unbearable.

– Original by Vince Camuto

Want to be bold? Want to showcase extremes? Original by Vince Camuto lets you be original, giving off a sense of daring and confidence and smells of a mix of black pepper and vetiver. It’s simple, and yet it has complex notes to it as well. This is an enigmatically excellent cologne to work with, and something that most people overlook as it is unassuming, until you put it on.

– Original Blend by Original Penguin

Another original one? Yes, Original Blend by Original Penguin is made for those wanting to have a fun time, meeting new people, or going on dates with someone special. This is a wonderful cologne for men. It has an approachable, easy-to-work-with fruit and fir blend that is nothing short of stellar. It can enhance and make any encounter memorable.

– Aventus by Creed

Now fellows, things are about to get real…like REAL real…we’re talking about Aventus by Creed. If you aren’t familiar with Creed, who could blame you because it’s definitely not mainstream, being reserved for those of the upper-tier echelon. Creed is the reigning king for men’s cologne out there, and its Aventus offers a distinct complex smell that captivates any room’s attention that can be described as uniquely fruity then becomes earthly woody mixed with manly musk that can lasts on you for days, making it the highest concentration of fragrance oil you can get. Don’t get excited just yet because this bad boy is the MOST EXPENSIVE cologne out there costing on average in the $300 range for a 1.7-ouce bottle; and if anything cheaper, it’s bound to be an attempted knockoff. So if you really want the authentic Aventus experience, make sure you get it from reputable sellers only because it is a luxury item and only a few stores carry it. The price is worth it if you can afford it and really want to smell the best to stand out from the crowd. If you want to feel power and be on top of the world in your high-fly Italian-striped suit around other high rollers, Creed will make you feel like an upgraded new man in that elitist high society. Have it lying on your coffee table or bathroom shelf, and when you have guests over, with one sight at this bottle they will know that you are some high power status symbol. So good luck with this one!

by Staff

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