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How to Get the Best Seat on an Airplane

by Staff | June 12, 2019

How-To Life Hacks

Let’s be honest, we all dread getting situated right next to the airplane toilet; passengers are constantly lining up, going in and out, and opening and closing the door giving you a brief stitch of the smell. Or perhaps, you would have much preferred the window seat rather than being squeezed tightly right in the middle with limited legroom between Joe and Jane.

The obvious question, how do you claim the best seat on an airplane? Many people think that they are stuck with whatever the airlines assign them. Fortunately, becoming a savvy flight-seat booker is possible once you know how to play your card right.

The following best practices are going to help you score the most desirable seats, no matter where you’re flying to and from.

  • Book Far in Advance

The first thing that you need to do is simple, book far in advance. The further out that you book, the more likely you are assigned a decent seat. Since the plane will not be completely booked yet, you will be able to get the upper hand. Book far in advance, and you will have a better shot of what you need to move forward with.

  • Pay for the Upgrade

Look into the upgrades that airlines momentarily offer. After all, money talks, right? You can pay a small fee to get better seating on the airplane. That includes purchasing featured upgrades that will get you first-class seating or just about any seat on an airplane for a small fee. Some fees are only around $15 to $25, while others are more expensive. Either way, you will find that paying for the upgrade will ensure that you get the best seat possible.

  • Be Flexible with Dates

Being flexible with your dates opens up your options to many potential better seating arrangements overall. Let the booking agent or clerk know that you’re willing to give up or move seats if necessary, especially when an airline is overbooked. Ask upfront whether or not there’s an overbooking, because that will factor in to you being able to fluidly move around to other upcoming flights for better seat and much more.

  • Get There Early

The next big thing to take into account is getting to the airport early. The earlier you arrive and check in, the higher the chances of receiving a better seat. This is a huge attribute in lessening the chances of not getting the worst airplane seats aka right next to the toilet that are usually located near the back, and the earlier passengers tend to receive the lower-number seats near the front. Not to mention by getting to the airport early and checking in as soon as you can, you will be able to ask for any upgrade or even be offered one outright.

by Staff

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