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    Financial Mistakes: 13 Biggest Common Money Mistakes to Avoid from Going Broke and to Start Building Wealth


    Publisher : Instafo

    The Fool’s Guide to “Personal Finance”

    Greetings fool, who did NOT know about the “biggest common money mistakes to avoid from going broke and to start building wealth”

    Got money problems? Of course you do! After all, money is the root of all evil, right? Then try living without it. Can’t do that either? Very well, here’s an ultimatum: manage your finance better and avoid the biggest common money mistakes that are burning a hole in your pocket. Frankly, it’s not your fault.

    Financial illiteracy is the biggest failure of our modern education system. Nobody teaches you how to handle money; and as a result, you have none or barely enough by the time your monthly bill and rent payments come rolling in, causing you to run and hide and afraid to look at how much you owe, then snowballing into a huge pile of debt with bad credit score. This is especially so for the millennial generation and after, who don’t have the same spending and saving money habits of the boomer generation and before.

    Our fast-paced consumerist culture has also blown up out of proportion with all the latest new shiny objects to buy, must-try experience to spend on, and money-wasting services to subscribe to that are popping up more and more, guaranteeing to lead you to instant financial ruin (if you’re not already there yet).

    Sounds dire? While we may not currently be in a global financial crisis, we are experiencing a growing number of individual’s personal financial crises. But have no fear, because the bailout is here to turn anybody from being financially illiterate to financially savvy.

    Let your chosen fool card guide you through “Financial Mistakes”:

    – The beginner’s way to start investing for wealth
    – The trap of financial assistance that does harm
    – The biggest money-wasters in your expenses
    – The simple art of calculating monthly budget
    – What’s needed to save money for health sake
    – How to go from materialistic to minimalistic
    – How to come up with a personal financial plan
    – How to avoid blowing money on hype and trends
    – Financial sins that millennials love overspending on
    – Why traditional banks are bad and better alternatives

    And there’s a bunch more wisdom from the fool card.

    Be your own financial advisor in pinpointing where you’re going wrong with money to be on your way to not only be saving money but creating wealth, all by rectifying a few money mistakes that you’re making now.