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  • Ways to Improve Eyesight

    Eyesight, a person’s ability to see, involves a complex interaction between the external objects in the environment, light, the two eyes, the optic nerves, and the left and right hemispheres of the brain. Visual acuity is the clarity or sharpness of vision. Loss of visual acuity may be caused by ...

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  • How to Be Taller

    Feeling on the shorter side or wishing you were a tad taller? Believe it or not, regardless of tall you are, you can always add additional inches to your height even after you have stopped growing, or if you are still growing, maximize your growth spurt. Simply put, if you ...

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  • A Quick Home Remedy for a Cold

    Winter – the cold season, is usually filled with activities ranging from holidays to family get-togethers, and being sick will certainly make any cheerful moment a dull one. Fortunately, there is one thing to make you feel better and soothe even the most disturbing of winter colds. When you feel ...

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  • Western Medicine vs Eastern Medicine — What Do Doctors Really Think?

    The practice of medicine in the western hemisphere requires a long and rigorous period of study that lasts many years. Subsequently, western doctors are so busy seeing patients, dealing with insurance and administrative hassles, and staying on top of the latest research in their fields, that they do not even ...

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  • What is Conventional and Alternative Medicine — How to Use Them Complementarily

    Have you heard about those poor unfortunate souls who are on 18 different pharmaceuticals—12 to treat their illnesses, and six to treat the side effects from the first 12? Such absurd practice has got to stop. This is where you come in. You are smarter and wiser. Please understand that ...

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