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  • How to Find My Lost Phone?

    Nowadays, it can be safe to assume that most of our lives revolve around our “phones.” It’s funny how such small device contains such large quantity of our personal and vital information, and not to mention our daily dependency – or, hopefully, the lack thereof. Regardless if you’re a phoneaholic, ...

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  • How to Find Lost Keys, Wallet or Purse Using Device Locator

    Have you ever lost any of your valuables – keys, wallets, phones, handbags, credit cards, debit cards, money, to mention but a few? What was your experience like? Did you feel a sense of panic or were you nervous? Are you like most guys who keep 50% of their lives ...

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  • How to Find Cheap Apartments in a Week or Less

    Searching for the right apartment can be…no, actually…it IS quite the daunting task, not to mention if you have to do so in less than a week…yes…ONE WEEK. Oh the humanity! Okay, either you have just relocated to a brand new city, you simply want to get away from your ...

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  • How to Score the Best Table at Restaurants without a Reservation

    Ah, the fine-dining experience…think fancy candles set on a table covered by fine white sheer Egyptian-cotton tablecloth in the dimly lighted atmosphere, with some stylish black-vested waiter pouring the most exquisite wine from the Bordeaux region of France with one hand on the bottle and the other hand behind his ...

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  • How to Get the Best Seat on an Airplane

    Let’s be honest, we all dread getting situated right next to the airplane toilet; passengers are constantly lining up, going in and out, and opening and closing the door giving you a brief stitch of the smell. Or perhaps, you would have much preferred the window seat rather than being ...

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  • How to Find Cheap Hotels

    Business or pleasure? Whether we are traveling for work or for fun, we all want to enjoy our stay – and we all to find the lowest possible price on a great hotel. A lovely accommodation at a fair rate is not too much to ask, right? Well, like everything ...

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  • How to Locate a Stolen Laptop

    Benjamin Franklin once said this handy-dandy proverb: “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” In other words, preventing problems is the best way to solve them. We could probably all agree on that. But what happens when you just can’t avoid certain events like Murphy’s Law says, ...

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  • Budgeting for Beginners

    Every one of us has been there. You still have several days until payday and the money is gone. Being broke sucks. Having too much month at the end of the money is discouraging when you work hard and can’t get ahead to make ends meet. This troubling phenomenon of ...

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