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  • Real-Life Superhuman Powers PART 2: The Supernatural

    Scientific investigations have shown that the human mind is capable of remarkable intelligence and mental abilities, and researchers are beginning to find evidence showing some people have the capacity go beyond the normal realm into the supernatural. (If you missed out on PART 1 of “Real-Life Superhuman Powers: The Natural,” ...

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  • Real-Life Superhuman Powers PART 1: The Natural

    Are you ready to acquire superhuman powers? Our world has come to accept the incredible stories of folks exhibiting extraordinary abilities, some even to the point that is considered supernatural. Have you ever wondered how the Tibetan monks are able to regular their body temperature to stay warm and survive ...

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  • Basic Feng Shui Principles

    We live in an agitated world. There is so much thing to do and so little time that, sometimes, it gets hard to keep our most vital spaces tidy, especially if you’re just a young professional or student trying to make the best out of your day, or maybe you’re ...

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  • Extrasensory Perception Training — How to Develop ESP

    Clark Kent is walking down a busy street in Metropolis when he pauses and begins listening intently. He sifts through all the noise of the bustling city…until the voice of a man in distress comes into focus. You know the next part – he changes clothes at super-speed and dashes ...

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  • What is the Third Eye — Opening Your Third Eye to Benefit You

    Where and what is the Third Eye? You may have heard of the Third Eye, that mysterious psychic organ located somewhere between the eyes, the brows, and the lower forehead. Some claim that it is located within the pineal gland of the brain and is sensitive to light through the ...

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  • How to Become Psychic

    Have you ever had this feeling that something negative would happen, and eventually it came to pass? Maybe you were overwhelmed with the feeling that your sibling was in danger and needed your assistance at that moment; and sooner than later, you learned that was such the case. Perhaps once ...

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