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  • Where Can I Buy Clothes that Celebrities Wear? And Affordable Alternatives?

    Want to own what the celebrities wear? When it comes to celebrity clothing, you should realize that they don’t just go browsing at the mall or everyday retailers. They typically go directly to the source for custom-made outfits, and you can bet that they shell out big bucks for doing ...

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  • What Do Celebrities Wear Casually?

    The red carpet with all its flashiness and glamour from raving-and-screaming fans wanting autographs and selfies with their favorite stars of the evening. How indeed perplexing? While that may be so, this obsession with pop culture and celebrity life is undeniable in modern era. Some would consider that obsession as ...

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  • Model Makeup Tips

    When you see models in magazines, on screen, and through various media, they always look like “goddesses” with unparallel beauty that very few of us can attain. But not so fast! The reason why many models appear amazing is because they all have professional stylists, but most importantly, makeup artists. ...

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