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  • How to Find My Lost Phone?

    Nowadays, it can be safe to assume that most of our lives revolve around our “phones.” It’s funny how such small device contains such large quantity of our personal and vital information, and not to mention our daily dependency – or, hopefully, the lack thereof. Regardless if you’re a phoneaholic, ...

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  • Which Smartphone Should I Buy that is NOT Apple iPhone or Samsung Galaxy?

    Looking to replace your old phone? Have you decided on which one to get? When it comes to today’s phone market – there aren’t many unique varieties. Instead, you are limited to a few choices…actually a COUPLE. That’s because Apple iPhones and Android phones are the two dominant players which ...

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  • Should I Get an iPhone or Android? — 3 Simple Questions to Find Out

    There are several types of smartphones on the market today. However, when you focus on the top of the heap, you’ll find that there are two options most people go for: the iPhone and Android phone. These two options focus on the operating system. Android is an open-source operating system ...

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