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What Do Celebrities Wear Casually?

by Staff | August 13, 2018

Style Celebrity Looks

The red carpet with all its flashiness and glamour from raving-and-screaming fans wanting autographs and selfies with their favorite stars of the evening. How indeed perplexing?

While that may be so, this obsession with pop culture and celebrity life is undeniable in modern era. Some would consider that obsession as mere curiosity in justification for caring about what celebrities say and do; however, the biggest takeaway for these curious ones is how celebrities present themselves.

Yes, you’ve thought right. Fashion. Looks. Let’s NOT that pretend celebrities are NOT trendsetters, who actually wield immense influence owing to their large followers. People do pay attention and take notice of what they wear and how they sport the latest fashion accessories.

Of course, celebrities are made to walk down any red carpet in all of its most fine glory in whatever they’re wearing. But what happens the next day? Welcome back to reality…that fancy gown or tux is probably not going to see another light of day for a long time, if never. Celebrities are still people, and they do very much would like to come off of their high horses just to be able to just walk down the street and go about their everyday lives.

So that begs the question, what about casual everyday looks? How do you get celebrity casual style? Fair enough, because everybody does want to look their best whenever, without being conspicuous that leads to anxiety discomfort.

  • Aspiring Celebrity Style

Think of a celebrity with the style that you very much feel aspired or drawn to. Don’t pick every celebrity out there but one to emulate. Take notice of what they’re wearing regularly: shoes, pants, and tops. These are simple starting points. Having a celebrity in mind will help you push the pedal to the metal.

  • Omnipresent Jeans

To start off, denim jeans have become the universal trousers of choice. Everybody wears them. Jeans are your omnipresent friends to get the most out of any overall casual look and feel. However, jeans worn by celebrities are not your run-of-the mill pants; but instead, they go with higher-end brands like True Religion, Lucky, and others around a price point of $100 and up. That’s because the cut is different and the denim is heavier, ensuring that they will last a great deal.

  • Versatile Shirts

Now we come to the shirts. Minimally, there are only two types of shirts that you will need: plain t-shirts that are black or white, with a slight v-neck, and button-ups, either in full color or plaid fabric. When it comes to shirts, keep them simple. No need to go all wild with graphic tees trying to make a statement that can give off more of a kiddie feel. Plain t-shirts are great because they are versatile, light, and adaptable to any trousers, and will give you that casual celebrity look with relative ease.

  • Additional Hats and Shoes

These are up to you, but celebrities tend to include a few simple add-ons at times, for instance, sporting Chuck Taylor’s, wearing fedoras, or even getting away with a baseball cap. You can use these options as a main reference point. You will also find “boat shoes” to be nice substitutes as well. Hats of various varieties are worth while, but focus on shoes first.

Regardless of what you choose to wear, and while other people turn to celebrities for providing entertainment and escapism from one’s everyday reality, you can turn to your favorite celebrity to draw inspiration and ideas to cultivate your own unique sense of casual style.

by Staff

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