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2 Effective Unknown Hacks to Increase Chances of Getting into Any Good College

by Staff | November 1, 2017

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Each year, many high school seniors get discouraged as they believe their plans to enroll into a good college fade away right before their eyes because their grades may not be among the best.

But not all cards have been played yet: with the right strategies, one can offset lower grades and still get admitted into the top schools around the country.

If you find yourself in such situation, then employ these two highly effective hacks to increase your last-minute chances.

College Admission Hack 1: The Sensational Media Fame

Every school would love to boost their overall image and reputation. One way they can do that is by admitting somebody who is has gained positive attention from the media.

You may not be the son of a well-known politician or a daughter of a famous celebrity, but you can become an active leader of your community by doing good, impacting the world, fighting for social and environmental issues, etc., to get local to national news coverage; then send those video clips (if you have them) alongside your submitted application.

1. The easiest way to do this is to start as well as be the leader of a non-profit organization or social cause dear to your heart or relevant to your desired area of study.

2. Recruit other people to join to display your leadership skills and ability to amass loyal followers.

3. Genuinely help your social cause through your organization and create some noise everywhere, either that be on social medias, local papers, through influential people, etc.

4. Make sure that the people within the field you are trying to build your career in hear about it, but most importantly hear about YOU.


Desired Program: Law

Social Cause: High school students and the law

How: Go to high schools and educate students on fundamental laws such as cyber intimidation and the different laws regarding it to prevent them from committing those crimes. Invite local medias to film your conferences and broadcast it on TV. Share it on social medias.

Bonus: Select schools/groups/organizations/local medias that are located within the same area of your desired college, and share it with all their social media groups.

The louder the noise, the higher the chance of receiving an acceptance letter.

College Admission Hack 2: The No-Hand Cover Letter

Here is an unfamiliar hack that will surely grab the attention of the college admission board at the school you are applying to.

During a normal admission process, it is expected that you are the one writing your cover letter. But what if your recommendations, such as your teachers and past employers, were the ones to write the cover letter for you? It would certainly be a more accurate reflection of you.

The opinion of others holds more credibility than your own, especially when it comes from individuals holding important positions.

1. Contact all the teachers or past employers you had great relationships with, whether it is by email or over the phone.

2. Normally, you would ask for a recommendation letter from them, but don’t do it this time. Instead, attribute each person you contact a “theme” that they should talk about in their recommendation. The “themes” are whatever qualities and accomplishments you would have otherwise written yourself.

3. Make sure to add sentences for fluidity in the reading and to introduce the recommender’s words.

Here’s a small example of a No-Hand Cover Letter:

Dear Admission Board,

I am submitting my application as I am greatly motivated to be part of your Law Program. However, instead of proceeding forward and explaining myself of how and why I am a great fit for your institution, I will let the individuals that recommend my candidature speak, as they hold more truth and accuracy in their words.

High school experience:

(in your non-profit club advisor’s words…)

Top results in your class:

(in your teacher’s words…)

(the dean, if you made the dean’s list)

Working experience and aptitudes:

( in your employer’s word…)

Quite unusual, don’t you think? Nevertheless, this will surely set you apart from all the applicants, increasing your chances.


Top schools are always looking for high profile students to be their alumni. An easy way to display that you will become one is to achieve exceptional accomplishments and have other influential people talk about you.

You could even go as far as creating a successful business just to get admitted into your top-choice business school (although building one might lead to a huge fortune, then you probably won’t need school anymore).

Remember, even against the odds, there are still steps that can be taken to get into whichever school you want.

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