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How to Get into Venture Capital if You Have No Money

by Staff | April 11, 2017

Business Entrepreneurs

Being part of the world of virtual capitalism entails giving up money (in most cases, a huge sum of money) to fund businesses off the ground in the hope of making that money back and a profit.

Now if you aren’t rich, or don’t have the means to fund others, you could still get involved by joining existing venture capitalist groups, if you know and have what they are looking for.

When it comes to focusing on involvement with capitalist options, the following routes should not be ignored. They will help you get involved, without involving a lot of your own money.

Fundraising Options

Every venture capitalist group will need money. Nuff said.

If you are a good fundraiser, contact the CEO or CFO and speak to them about possibly raising money for them. If they agree to give you a shot, set a goal of no less than around $10,000 to raise and impress the dollars out of them

This opportunity can be your golden ticket to buying yourself into the group. Of course, you need to have the skills and ideas to raise those funds by any means, and then move forward.

If you can succeed at this, few groups will decline your request to join them.

Offer Your Skill Set (Tech)

Are you good with technology? Can you code? If you know web programming, or even C++ and other programming languages, you have a good chance of joining ventures of all types. Techs are hot right now and will continue to rise for venture capitalist groups.

The key here is to offer your services at lower than market rate.

You may need to take a large pay cut. Nevertheless, if you know what you’re doing or at least can manage someone else, you will be able to contact the CTO of the group and get a position within the group.

Spend enough time coding, and you could become a key player in whatever it is that the group is going to invest in.

Become an Early Ambassador

Those who possess great networking skills can easily talk their way into any group. You have to be willing to talk and connect with others in the group. This is similar to fundraising, only you are going to be the liaison between the group and new investors.

If you have the “gift of gab,” that can make you an invaluable key player on the mission of the company. Note that you will have to continue making high profile introductions and be conducting with onboard investors; however, the moment you falter in securing funding, you can see yourself be let go as though all your past contributions made no difference. This is a cut-throat world with huge capitals at risk, so you have to be on your top A-game…always.


These three ways to get involved in the world of venture capitalist requires you to find a well-fit group and offer a specific service or skill to them. If you have no money, you need to make yourself invaluable and indispensable in other ways. That is the only way to get in.

by Staff

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