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by Staff | October 9, 2019

Real-Life Superhuman Powers PART 1: The Natural

Are you ready to acquire superhuman powers?

Our world has come to accept the incredible stories of folks exhibiting extraordinary abilities, some even to the point that is considered supernatural.

  • Have you ever wondered how the Tibetan monks are able to regular their body temperature to stay warm and survive sitting for days in the cold without needing proper clothing or food?
  • Have you ever witnessed real-life superhuman powers displayed by great spiritual leaders, psychic practitioners, meditation masters, as well as extreme athletes and stuntmen?

Wouldn’t you secretly wish to possess those powers?

Natural and Supernatural Powers

All potentials, powers, and abilities whether you tag them “natural” or “supernatural” are developed in agreement with natural laws. These natural laws can go beyond the realms of Newtonian physics and into the deep end of quantum physics.

In essence, they are the laws of the spirit and mind and can override conventional laws of physics that have direct relationship with physical experience.

So where would you place natural and supernatural abilities to be?

  • The term “natural” refers to any powers and abilities emanating from your physical body such as your ability to talk, walk, and behave in a way that is traceable to the activities from your physical realm, as well as any experience you have observed or felt by means of your physical senses and explained in a logical manner using the proven laws of physics.
  • On the other hand, the term “supernatural” refers to the sum total of everything that is non-perceivable using physical senses, which include both spiritual and psychic abilities.

Types of Superhuman Abilities

Generally, here are some unnatural abilities which have been witnessed, still to this day.

  • Superhuman physical abilities, such as lifting heavy weights that would otherwise crush a man or deemed impossible in proportion to the person’s body size, enduring pain that would normally kill a person, etc.
  • The ability to hear sounds from far and above.
  • The ability to read the thoughts of others.
  • Your ability to remember previous life and events.
  • Your ability to see beyond the human physical eyes.

Well, would you believe that they can be developed via enthusiastic meditation? Don’t be ignorant just yet…some say this is all very possible.

There are also special otherworldly activators such as meditation of earth, water, sky, etc., that can engage with these abilities.

Enough of these theories, let’s go more practical!

A Simple Superhuman Physical Ability

Here is an example of a superhuman physical ability that anybody can simply develop without risking anything – the ability to breathe under water for hours, which is a much sought-after skill.

You can hold your breath for a long period of time in water without lifting a finger. Engage in the following exercises to achieve that!

Practice deep breathing by inhaling and exhaling slowly from within your diaphragm.

1. Breathe in for five seconds, hold, and then breathe in for another one second.

2. Release by breathing out for ten seconds.

3. Continue with this procedure for two minutes and ensure you exhale every last drop of air.

Deep breathing does two things here:

  • Clears your airways of low-quality air and helps to control the release of air.
  • It allows your body to take in excess of oxygen and stores it in your blood cells, so when you’re holding your breath, your body can use the stored oxygen to continue working even when you’re not breathing.

Purge the CO2 from your diaphragm by exhaling the last drop of air forcefully. Once this is done, inhale quickly and repeat the process while ensuring your body is in stable condition.

1. Take a breath (not deep breath this time) and hold it for exactly ninety seconds. You can use your handset timer to count down the 90 seconds.

2. Exhale briefly to get rid of used air, then take three breaths to regulate normal breathing – inhaling and exhaling. This will get your body used to going without air.

Repeat these processes of deep breathing and purging. You are now ready to try holding your breath for a very long time.

Submerge yourself underwater; your bathtub or a swimming pool is a perfect example. Hold your breath for as long as you can. (Warning: Always mind your safety first. Do this at your risk.)

– Were you able to achieve 5, 8, or 10 minutes? Are you afraid of going under the water? Then splash some cold water on your face before attempting to hold your breath.

Any Health Implications?

Scientific findings show that prolonged breath-holds have no neurological damage according to neurological tests conducted by scientists at the University of Queensland, Australia. However, when a person does hold their breath for too long, the amount of CO2 in the body begins to accumulate according to The Science Creative Quarterly. This is the reason why we encourage you to engage in purging to rid the excess CO2 from your body.

A Simple Superhuman Mental Ability


This is a more practical everyday ability – the ability of speed learning and never forgetting anything. The quicker you learn, the quicker you can apply your skills to achieve amazing results and improve your entire life.

We’ll explore the process of learning by going through following steps until they become part of you.

1. Prepare your mind and your environment. Find a quiet and comfortable place without distractions.

2. There are things in life that you only need to be exposed to once and you’ll remember them indefinitely. Do you have any idea what they are? Song is one of them; therefore, take whatever you are learning and song-ify in your head what you are learning into lyrics as if were to be sung out loud. However, learning a song only by memorizing lyrics can be extremely passive so combine it with movements in order to activate other parts of the memorization process.

3. While learning, it is better to take regular breaks every 20–30 minutes to utilize your natural attention span. Your break shouldn’t last for more than 5 minutes during which you should forget about what you are learning, and channel your mind to something completely different (such as the last football game you watched or the last movie you saw in the theater).

4. To make the learning permanent, review it. This should not take more than 2 minutes for every one hour studied. The best way to do this is by using the song, which is your purpose for learning it in the first place. Just summarize the important facts as if you were singing it to yourself by the end of the study period.

5. For any learning process to be effective, knowing and understanding what is being taught to be applied is important. So to gauge your level of understanding, seek out real-life occasions where this knowledge can be organized, summarized, and explained to another person.

Increase Mental Abilities through Physical Activities

Do you want to develop superhuman cognition? Of course you do!

Scientific research has shown that exercise has a greater impact on human cognitive health and mental abilities, as well as increase the protein “brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF)” in the brain for the development of new neurons and the creation of synapses. (

Now, what this means for you is quite simple: exercise is beneficial in countless ways and is capable of boosting your brain’s cognitive powers. Therefore, get off your lazy couch and start exercising daily.

As you wake up early in the morning, engage in 10 minutes wake-up run (any type of workout that is capable of inducing you to sweat) and another 10 minutes of serious meditation (Yoga) to put yourself in an optimal state for the day ahead.

You can perform the meditation in a quiet place just by sitting quietly and allowing the stream of positive thoughts flow through your mind. Putting yourself in that thought process will produce energy and help boost your cognition within a short while.


In the afternoon, do another intense workout which shouldn’t last for more than one hour, then do one light exercise of no more than 30 minutes in the evening. You can make it more fun and natural by either going for a run or dancing, but you must break one sweat in that process. This will make you feel good, get fit, get smarter and eventually increase your cognitive functions.

Basically, what happens is that intermittent exercise creates stimuli for the brain. What this translates is that as soon as you start exercising, you will start to feel good and your mental performance will shoot up – allowing you to have enhanced thinking ability.

Just imagine how simple it would be now for you to learn a new skill. Maybe you want to learn how to play the piano or you want your brain to retain every information without forgetting even a bit.

Super-Practiced Abilities


We have all heard “practice makes perfect.” Well, the implication of this good old adage is that – what may appear as “superhuman abilities” can only be possessed through practice, and the following exercises are the determinant of how quickly you can grab these abilities.

Do you really want to get superhuman abilities so that you can do extraordinary things? The time to start is NOW!

Other abilities on a far more supernatural plane, such as…

Superhuman Senses – The ability to see things and perform certain functions without the seeing.

Psychic Abilities – Being able to predict the future as well as the power of foresight.

…will be covered in PART 2 of “Real-Life Superhuman Powers: The Supernatural.”

(Disclaimer: The information presented here is strictly for entertainment purposes only. The writer takes no responsibility for the actions of the reader or how the information will be used.)

by Staff

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