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by Staff | October 11, 2019

Real-Life Superhuman Powers PART 2: The Supernatural

Scientific investigations have shown that the human mind is capable of remarkable intelligence and mental abilities, and researchers are beginning to find evidence showing some people have the capacity go beyond the normal realm into the supernatural.

(If you missed out on PART 1 of “Real-Life Superhuman Powers: The Natural,” you can find it here.)

Medical doctors at the Maudsley Hospital in London have found evidence that there is correlation between a person having blackouts and later on displaying enhanced skills. Also, at Birkbeck, University of London, children have participated in a study under control conditions to show apparent mind-reading capability.

The supernatural abilities of such individuals are often inexplicable and significantly incredible, yet many suspect that the existence of telepathy, extrasensory perception as well as premonitions may not be so far-fetched after all.

Very few have taken notice to why the Pentagon has invested millions of dollars on investigating the latent, unseen, and hidden powers of the human mind, not to mention the FBI has subscribed to the services of psychics to help solve security and criminal cases.

So, there is evidence of supernatural abilities yet to be understood – which we only have to discover how to unlock and use them. Call this a sixth sense if you’d like.

Do You Have Supernatural Powers?

The following questions will help to determine whether you possess some degree of supernatural abilities or the hidden sixth sense.

  • Have you ever known the content of a letter before opening it?
  • Have you been able to pick up information you never heard of immediately?
  • Have you ever had dreams (negative or positive) which turned out to be true?
  • Have you ever heard voices tell you what to do that ended up in your favor?
  • Do you ever know what people are going to say before they say it?
  • Do you tend to do well in guessing or predicting outcomes?

If your answer is “yes” to just one of the following basic questions, then you are prone to intuitive abilities and heightened senses of being able to do something beyond the normal senses or being able to predict the future, as in the case of psychic, are examples of real-life supernatural abilities.

The Big Question: Is it possible to supercharge these abilities to start achieving more than you have ever imagined or dreamed, and become smarter and limitless?

On the other hand, if you don’t, you can cultivate them to become part of your success in life. You will be guided on ways to make that happen.

The aim is to lead you through the steps required for you to unlock your full potential and live a smarter life, even in the fast-lane. So let’s take a look at how fast you can learn a new skill or idea. You are about to enter the world of new possibilities. Enjoy the ride!

Developing Supernatural Powers

In developing supernatural powers and abilities, we’ll take a cue from Yoga Sutras of Patanjali:

“All supernatural powers are developed through the practice of concentration, meditation, and absorption.”

Concentration: This involves holding your mind fixed upon the inner power and ability you desire to get. To achieve this, you can form a mental picture of yourself standing at the center of a dazzling, bright, white light which is spherical in shape – allowing everything else to fade away from your consciousness. If the mind can focus on an object for 12 seconds, it will achieve concentration.

Meditation: This deals more with prolonged concentration. In realizing meditation, a succession of identical thoughts is activated in the mind; and this is done swiftly that no thought is allowed to go down before another one rises to replace it. The effect felt here is that of absolute continuity! Meditation can be achieved by focusing the mind on an image for 2 minutes and 24 seconds.

Absorption: This stage is attained after your mind had been focused on a particular thought through meditation for quite some time. At this stage, you’ll feel that you have completely connected with the object of your focus, removing any barrier or separation between you and what your thoughts are, making you become the perfect idea you have been focused on. Focusing on an object between 28 minutes to 5 hours, 45 minutes leads to absorption.

Gain Mind-Reading Ability

The reality is that there is a possibility of learning to read other’s minds with simple training, certain skill sets, focus, and time. It is not something only psychics can do! So let’s begin harnessing mind-reading abilities.

STEP 1: Clear your mind of all stress and thoughts. You can do that by taking a warm bath, drinking a cold glass of water, etc. Then sit quietly in a relaxed mode and take a deep breath.

STEP 2: Get a family member or a close friend and have them sit near you. Take a few moments to look at the person sitting beside you. Make a mental picture of their face, eyes, posture, hairstyle, and every other feature about that person.

STEP 3: Focus on the person’s face; look at them directly in the eyes for about 15 seconds and look away in order not to interrupt the energy already acquired. Now form a mental picture of their face, eyes, hairstyle, etc. Silently sit down and allow the thoughts and feelings of that person fill your entire being – body and soul.

STEP 4: Activate a conversation and choose any topic of your choice with that person. This is the point where you discover the thoughts regarding that person and the feelings that are revealed to you. Leverage on this opportunity to inquire about their work and family. The thoughts coming into your mind may be the same thoughts passing through the mind of the other person. You can even go the extra mile to tell the other person what you perceive they are thinking. You can hold these thoughts and later sum them up in your entire impression of their thoughts at the end.

The key here is to accept any thoughts that enter your mind, even if they are negative, and present accurate reading of those thoughts to the person involved.

The possibility to read other people’s mind will empower you, if you use it positively and wisely.

Are you ready to advance higher? Let’s continue on!

Manifest Supernatural Abilities

If you are ready, proceed onward from here affirmatively, without holding back with doubts and hesitation, because this may seem new agey to some, but remember our aim is to take exceptional control of the Earth by acquiring uncommon human capabilities.

1. Gather the required items.

Get a lump of sand and a clean piece of cloth.

2. Make an object of Earth – clay disk.

Collect a lump of sand, remove every impurity from it and put it on a clean surface, such as the surface of a table.

Press and squeeze it with your hands until it becomes finer. Begin molding it with little quantity of water to form a large disk of clay of about one foot in diameter and one inch thick.

The surface of the clay disk should be flat, smooth, and clean. Dry it completely under the sun, then head on to meditation.

3. Sit properly for meditation.

Prepare yourself for meditation by washing your hands, legs, and face before sitting for the meditation.

Go to an open space where there is abundance of sunlight; the location should be plane and leveled. Place the piece of cloth over a plane surface and place the disk on it while ensuring the smooth and bright surface is on top.

Now, take a seat a bit far away from the disk but make sure that the disk and the seat are at par with each other.

4. Meditate with the Earth

Quietly sit in a lotus position and look at the disk surface as if you are looking at the mirror. Then, begin to recite the word “Earth” within your mind in a silent manner. Alternate the opening and closing of your eyes while reciting the word “Earth”.

Remember your major goal is to produce a mental image of the clay disk. Keep gazing and reciting until you acquire a clear picture of the disk. The image (raw image) should be so clear in your mind as if you were seeing it with your eyes open. So continue to look and recite the word “Earth” several times up to hundred or thousand times until the image of clay disk is produced in your mind.

Upon immediately developing the raw image in your mind, go somewhere isolated and meditate there. Close your eyes, keep your concentration on that image, and continue to recite the word “Earth” repeatedly and silently within your mind with all diligence and enthusiasm.

Superhuman Meditation Stages

While in continuous meditation, your negative thoughts will move out of your brain. Your mind will be cleaned temporarily. A new beautiful image will appear and the mind becomes concentrated. You have achieved primary meditation.

However, if you fail to achieve this stage of meditation, then there are distractions you must do away with, e.g., people, surrounding, objects, weather, etc.

As the meditation gets intense, the following five components become more attainable: pleasure, argument, judgment, intentness, and bliss. Maybe only two of the components – judgment and argument – are quite dull and troublesome and, therefore, should be eliminated. This leads to the second stage of meditation. This is the stage where only bliss, pleasure, and intentness prevail.

The second stage of meditation follows from the primary mediation with much intensity and at random. You continue to concentrate on that image and recite the word “Earth” more with greater consciousness. This will knock off pleasure because it is no longer that great, thus leaving bliss and intentness.

The next step will be the third stage of meditation, whereby you follow the steps adopted in the first and second stages to increase your practice. At this point, you have gathered enough momentum to move. With such a concentration and intention in your mind, focusing on the image and reciting the word “Earth” silently and repeatedly, you’ll realize that bliss is going to be a burden and, therefore, do away with it with only intentness remaining.

As usual, focus on the perfect image again and recite the word “Earth” silently as many times as possible until you arrive in the fourth stage of meditation – which is the ultimate stage of meditation. At this point, you’ll realize intentness, and no pain whether physical or spiritual can reach you.

This is the stage where if you wish anything, it will be done avoiding all natural laws!

Through meditation to the source of all powers, all kinds of superhuman abilities begin to manifest. The more you use the powers that you already possess constructively for the good of everybody, the more superhuman abilities become spontaneously manifested through you.

With Great Power, Comes Great Life

These exercises are merely the beginning. There are other tools and you can employ to speed up your own superhuman latent abilities.

Within your lifetime, you can catapult yourself into a whole new world of human capabilities. It is within your reach to rise and shine, create your dream life, and make a difference; and through that, no pill alone can do that in harnessing your full potential.

The extraordinary benefits of superhuman powers come from integrating the practical elements of what we can see and touch in the physical world with the otherworldly unseen and subconscious.

In doing all this, you can realize your limitless performance and improve your life.

So, whatever your aim is, just follow the guidelines above and practice often and you’ll achieve the desired goal – getting real-life superhuman powers and abilities.

(Disclaimer: The information presented here is strictly for entertainment purposes only. The writer takes no responsibility for the actions of the reader or how the information will be used.)

by Staff

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