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How to Be Taller

by Staff | February 1, 2017

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Feeling on the shorter side or wishing you were a tad taller?

Believe it or not, regardless of tall you are, you can always add additional inches to your height even after you have stopped growing, or if you are still growing, maximize your growth spurt.

Simply put, if you want to reach your fullest height potential, there are a variety of things you can do to aid your body in such physical development, some obviously more effective than others.

Here are recommended activities to engage your body in to get the most out of the natural growth process and build upon your existing height with fruitful results.

  • Improve Your Posture

One of the ways that you can diminish your height, and actually lose inches is by slouching, sitting improperly, and not addressing your posture. Your posture matters greatly! To ensure that you are getting the most height, make sure your back is straight, and you are standing tall.

Addressing proper postures is vital. Be mindful and force yourself to sit up straight and walk with your head high. You could add a device to help you, such as a back support brace, to literally remind yourself to utilize proper postures. Doing these will encourage better height to your advantage, even increasing the inches.

  • Learn The Breaststroke

Swimming is an excellent cardiovascular exercise, there is no doubt about that, but it is also a stellar solution for folks wanting the bonus benefit in the height department. Experts have noted that this is an all-body exercise.

For the sake of increasing your height, make sure that you learn specific swim styles that support building muscles and elongating your frame. That includes the breaststroke. If you want to give yourself a few extra inches, then learn how to swim to stretch the muscle system and give support to the growth factor over time.

  • Master Yoga

Yoga is a positive life-promoting discipline that can help you reduce stress, and more importantly, stretch your muscles. When you practice yoga, you’ll find that your body’s recovery time alongside your exercise routine assists in the process of gaining height.

Overall, yoga helps to invigorate your core, expand your muscle system, and in the end, deliver on the process of facilitating height increase naturally.

  • Supplementing HGH

This final solution is not for everyone. There are some individuals who turn to human growth hormones (HGH) to help with increasing strength, stamina, and yes, height. This must be done under the strict supervision of a doctor to determine deficiencies and should never be abused.

When used accordingly, human growth hormones can assist with muscle building, skeletal health, and improved height.

by Staff

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