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Clothing Tips to Look Slimmer

by Staff | August 22, 2016

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Looking slim, even when you’re not in shape does seem like a tough challenge to work through. Many try but give up in favor of comfort over style, in fact, you may even be one of those folks in the past.

But here’s the secret, style and looking slim can be done with a few helpful fashion tweaks. Do these three things to help you look slimmer with your clothing, even when you haven’t been to the gym in a while.

Focus on the “Right” Size

This goes for men and women alike. Size matters when it comes to looking slimmer with clothing. The biggest issues are found in extremes. Clothing that is too larger or too small.

If you go with something too big, it may feel comfortable, but the baggy nature of this style makes you look larger than you actually are. The same can be said about undersized clothing.

Finding the “right” size is not always fun. You really have to try on different sizes while ignoring what it says on the size tag because you will soon realize different brands, manufacturers, and countries have various measurements for their sizes.

Examples: Pants that are to sit at the waist too tight, bras that are supposed to support the breasts too loose, shirts that are to be well-fitted too long or too wide, etc.

Drawing in the Waist

Focus on closing the waist a little. Men, wearing belts that pull your pants in a little is a good thing. Ladies, you should also get items that cinch in the waist.

Drawing in the waist with a belt or pants that fit properly can all help here.

If you’re looking at formal wear, confide in a good tailor. They can adjust clothing sizing to your body. This may cost a little more, but the goal is to look slim, right? When done right, you can cinch that annoying waist while ensuring the size and length are meant for your specific needs.

Colors and Patterns

Last but not least to make yourself look slimmer, pick the right colors and patterns. There are long-held styling traditions that make people seem thinner.

For instance, you can utilize vertical stripes. Also, big patterns should be avoided in favor of smaller patterns.

Of course, the widest held option for looking slim is to wear black. Black clothing is the go-to way that fashion designers have been able to solve the mystery of looking thin for nearly any looks.

by Staff

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