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Improve Your Looks with the Help of a Personal Stylist

by Staff | September 6, 2019

Style Chic & Trendy

Looking into looking your best, huh? Is your sense of style…onehotmess, or too much of a SQUARE in the clothing department?

Well, fret not! Because Mr. Fernando Fashionisto has chartered a private jet all the way from Milan just to give you the perfect out-of-this-world look like you have just stepped off a Mediterranean yacht ready to have brunch with your millennial buddies or housewives of old money.

  • No worries ladies, you won’t all be wearing floral dresses. And ugh, gentlemen, the same goes to sporting the tacky cargos and draping a sweater around your shoulders.

The point is, have you ever thought of hiring a personal stylist to take care all of your utter atrocious fashion mishaps? These professionals do this for a living in making you look your greatest by utilizing the best clothing out there for your body shape and face type.

Think of all this like a minor makeover to not only looking your best but feeling like a brand spanking new person or like a billion bucks on billionaire row, hence, transitively skyrocketing self-esteem and renewing sense of confidence.

So leave it to the professional…the personal stylist, that is. But, what should you take into consideration when looking for a personal stylist?

  • Experience

Experience always matters, and that applies to a stylist. Ask about how they have been trained and how long have they been working while showing your expressed interest of potentially hiring them. If they are well-trained, licensed, and more, that becomes a positive sign, giving you peace of mind, and will help you set the right foot forward in finding the ideal stylists for your particular needs.

  • Feedback

Don’t discount online reviews; they are a powerful tool to lending them credibility. The more reviews they have, the better. You would want to know what past clients thought about the stylist who you want to work with. If you don’t see any review (hey, everybody has to start somewhere), call and ask for references. The stylist should be more than happy to cooperate with such request. Getting reviews online is a great thing to start with, but of course, you may need to conduct additional background research.

  • Location

Ah good old “location, location, location. Yes, location matters here too (unless you seriously want to blow the dough$ on booking a “Mr. Fernando Fashionisto from Milan,” which, if you didn’t realize before, we were only satiring the extreme fashion elitist snobs). Look into where the stylist is running their operation, i.e., whether they have a professional studio or a top-notch salon or are working out of their home, and how close they are from you. All of these things are going to factor in your decision on how local or how often you want easy, quick access to that stylist, not to mention the cost and convenience.

With these three criteria on hand when hiring a personal stylist, you can be sure to give yourself a stunning updated look that even you may question “Holy smoke! Is that sexy knockout person really meeee?”

by Staff

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