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Model Makeup Tips

by Staff | May 6, 2016

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When you see models in magazines, on screen, and through various media, they always look like “goddesses” with unparallel beauty that very few of us can attain.

But not so fast!

The reason why many models appear amazing is because they all have professional stylists, but most importantly, makeup artists. In other words, you too can get the model beauty look at home, if you know a few tricks of the trade.

The followings model makeup tips are all about how you can get that model look.

  • Don’t Go Cheap On Makeup

The first thing that you should concern yourself with is simple – the quality of the makeup you buy. Do not go cheap.

Cheap makeup runs, lacks contrast, and is hard to blend properly. Even though it is tempting to buy the least expensive products, they will often pale in comparison to high-quality name brand solutions. Cheap is not only exclusive to pricing, it speaks volume to the nature of the ingredients.

So only look for well-reviewed, high-quality makeups.

  • Cleanse Before Application

Moving forward, every time you want to put anything on your face, cleanse it. Even if you already “washed” your face, use a facial cleanser again, and make sure the skin is clear of debris, dead skin, and more.

Models not only wash their face, they do another cleaning right before makeup is applied. That way there is nothing left to chance.

Cleansing is critical for the model beauty look.

  • Artfully Layer Foundations

The makeup artists in charge of how models look will layer foundations and concealers on the face of their clients. They use shade and texture and different creams, liquids, and pigments to create 100% perfection on the face, making this an artform that takes time.

If you want to get these results, you need to layer makeup on seamlessly, using various textures. This, of course, requires practice through trial and error.

  • A Glowing Makeup Hack

Want to glow in pictures? Want to know the secret that fashion icons use? It’s simple. They use lip balm.

They not only put lip balm on their lips, they use it on prominent areas of their face. Cheekbones, noses, and eyelids get this little grease, and it makes models look like they are glowing. It’s simple, yet effective.

  • Makeup Goes Beyond the Face

Finally, if you want to get the model look, you’ll need to use products all over your body. Makeup artists don’t just put makeup on faces, they put it all over the model’s body, including the neck, chest, shoulders, legs, and any exposed area.

If you want to emulate that, experiment with blending different parts of the skin properly.

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