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Pass the Final Exams without Studying

by Staff | November 7, 2016

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Regardless of colleges (as well as even in high school), every student will face off against the final exams. Whether that is an essay to write or a multiple-choice exam to take, they must perform with flying colors in order to graduate and obtain a degree.

Now here’s the thing, what if you don’t study? Can you still pass your final exams without even studying? Most will say “no,” but it’s not impossible.

So how can you pull this off (and shock your classmates)?

  • Do All the Homework Beforehand

The easiest way to ace your final exams without needing to study is to work hard leading up to them. Classes have semesters full of homework, and that all adds up to a final, comprehensive exam.

If you are diligent in doing all of the work that your teacher assigns, you will be able to slack off and still have the information locked into your head. It’s very hard to fail a test if you always do well on the homework.

  • Know the Test Format (ask if you can)

You should know the format of the test. If your teacher doesn’t explain it, it’s time to ask. You need to know exactly what you’re going to be stepping into. Why? Because it’s going to help you plan how to approach it.

For example, you’ll find that most tests are multiple choice. If that’s the case, then it is simply a matter of slowing down and eliminating the wrong answers to derive at the right ones. Few professors will try to “trick” you with their questions, so this method works nearly every time.

  • Utilize All the Time Given

If the exam is time-limited, run through every question as fast as you can. Once you do that, go back to the beginning, and read through every single question twice, or even three times.

Don’t be one of those folks who want to show off in being the first to complete it or, on the other end of the spectrum, afraid of being the last to turn it in. It’s not a race.

Take the full time to go over the exam. The more you focus on the questions and answers, the more you will be able to eliminate wrong answers, get the right answer, and at least pass without too much difficulty.

  • What About Essays and Fill-in-the-Blanks?

These types of questions really can’t be helped unless you have some form of prior knowledge. But like said before, you shouldn’t have too much problem if you have done all your homework.

If you haven’t, focus first on OTHER elements of the exam to compensate as means to bring the final score up just high enough to pass. Don’t waste time on weaknesses; concentrate on strengths. Then come back to questions afterward with time to spare, giving your best attempt at them.

by Staff

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