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  • Excel Mexican Cooking: Get into the Art of Mexican Cooking


    LEARN THE CULINARY ART OF MEXICAN COOKING Hola! Ever heard of “Taco Tuesdays”? For many Americans, the epitome of Mexican food is none other than the taco. Although tacos certainly have their wonderful delights, Mexican cuisine is so much more than tacos. There is a whole other side dedicated to this ethnic cuisine that most people aren’t aware of. We’re talking – the authentic side. Mexican culinary is flavorful, delicious, scrumptious and comes in many different options from vegetarian to…

  • Excel Japanese Cooking: Get into the Art of Japanese Cooking


    LEARN THE CULINARY ART OF JAPANESE COOKING Konnichiwa! Japan – what a beautiful country filled with rich history, extraordinary culture, and most of all, exotic food. If you have ever eaten at a Japanese restaurant, you know just how exquisite the food is. The displays, the flavors, the textures – all like a fresh burst from heaven! Experiencing Japanese cuisine is not merely another dining experience. It’s a journey, a lifestyle, and something that you never forget. How would you…

  • Excel Chinese Cooking: Get into the Art of Chinese Cooking


    LEARN THE CULINARY ART OF CHINESE COOKING Ni hao! As the most prevalent ethnic restaurants anywhere you go, Chinese food is one of the most popular cuisines in the world. Succulent sauces and spices with your many favorite choices of colorful vegetables and protein-enriched meats – is there any wonder why people love Chinese food? But do you know just how much goes into preparing the perfect Chinese dish? Most people think about Chinese food as something for lunch or…

  • Excel Italian Cooking: Get into the Art of Italian Cooking


    LEARN THE CULINARY ART OF ITALIAN COOKING Ciao! Italian cooking is one of the most delightful cooking in the world. The sauces, the meats, the cheeses, the pastas – there is something in it for everyone! But what if you could truly capture that magnificent taste of Italy? Imagine your family closing their eyes and savoring every bite they take exploding with mouth-watering flavor. Imagine the cheese stretching from here to kingdom come with every scrumptious gooey bite of heaven…

  • Excel French Cooking: Get into the Art of French Cooking


    Audio, CD, Course, eBook, Video

    LEARN THE CULINARY ART OF FRENCH COOKING Bonjour! Imagine being able to cook a delicious French meal for your family and friends. Imagine being able to slice and dice like a pro and have beautiful knife cuts that would make you the next Food Network star. French cooking is one of the most delectable cooking around. Some of the most expensive restaurants in the world provide the most exquisite French dishes, and people go there just to taste the very…