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  • Budgeting for Beginners

    Every one of us has been there. You still have several days until payday and the money is gone. Being broke sucks. Having too much month at the end of the money is discouraging when you work hard and can’t get ahead to make ends meet. This troubling phenomenon of being broke is not the product of gnomes sneaking in and stealing the money you have hidden in your mattress. This is a direct result of poor planning. Sooner or...

  • 3 Best Failures Every Entrepreneur Should Experience

    Every entrepreneur will face failure at one point or another, just as there is no way to avoid every single mistake in life. If you are going to start a business at any level, you need to prepare and accept that and overcome it. No companies have ever been majorly successful upon the first iteration and without any issue – regardless of those started with huge funding or lack thereof. As most businesses will fail within 5 years, the statistics...

  • Saving Money in College

    A dollar saved is a dollar earned. Hit the million by keeping it. So you think the secret to becoming a millionaire is to pursue an MBA for the highest-paid job on Wall Street? Well, sorry to say…you got it all wrong. Dead wrong. You might as well be given a million bucks today, but that still doesn’t qualify you as a millionaire. What makes those folks part of the top 1% enjoying their lavish lifestyle is the attitude. The...