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  • 2 Effective Unknown Hacks to Increase Chances of Getting into Any Good College

    Each year, many high school seniors get discouraged as they believe their plans to enroll into a good college fade away right before their eyes because their grades may not be among the best. But not all cards have been played yet: with the right strategies, one can offset lower grades and still get admitted into the top schools around the country. If you find yourself in such situation, then employ these two highly effective hacks to increase your last-minute...

  • Extrasensory Perception Training — How to Develop ESP

    Clark Kent is walking down a busy street in Metropolis when he pauses and begins listening intently. He sifts through all the noise of the bustling city…until the voice of a man in distress comes into focus. You know the next part – he changes clothes at super-speed and dashes off to the rescue. We may not have the super-hearing that comes from being an alien from a planet with a red sun, but we all have this ability and...

  • Smart Drugs — Fact or Fiction?

    A lot can be said about the idea of “smart drugs” all thanks to Hollywood and pop culture referencing them — from the movies Lucy (2014) to Limitless (2011) and the adapted TV series of the latter (2015). It is certainly fascinating, to say the least, of the sheer possibility that just by taking a pill our brains could gain enhanced superhuman capacities that would allow us to think faster, perform better, and ultimately be smarter in a matter of...

  • Instant Habits: How to Break Bad Habits and Form Good Habits Instantly!

    The Instant-Series Presents “Instant Habits” How to Break Bad Habits and Form Good Habits Instantly! Are you suffering from a serious case of bad habits? Just go ahead admit it, we all have bad habits. Even behind a supposedly well-put image of “perfecto” that would make Picasso proud, we all do uncontrollable things: That are embarrassing or downright turn people off…ranging from chewing mouthful too loud, spitting while talking, talking over people, cutting people off, being negatively judgmental, or snoring...