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  • Extrasensory Perception Training — How to Develop ESP

    Clark Kent is walking down a busy street in Metropolis when he pauses and begins listening intently. He sifts through all the noise of the bustling city…until the voice of a man in distress comes into focus. You know the next part – he changes clothes at super-speed and dashes off to the rescue. We may not have the super-hearing that comes from being an alien from a planet with a red sun, but we all have this ability and...

  • How to Become Psychic

    Have you ever had this feeling that something negative would happen, and eventually it came to pass? Maybe you were overwhelmed with the feeling that your sibling was in danger and needed your assistance at that moment; and sooner than later, you learned that was such the case. Perhaps once in a while you get the feeling that a person you know is going to call you, and that does happen. Do you think these instances are of mere coincidences...