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  • Smart Drugs — Fact or Fiction?

    A lot can be said about the idea of “smart drugs” all thanks to Hollywood and pop culture referencing them — from the movies Lucy (2014) to Limitless (2011) and the adapted TV series of the latter (2015). It is certainly fascinating, to say the least, of the sheer possibility that just by taking a pill our brains could gain enhanced superhuman capacities that would allow us to think faster, perform better, and ultimately be smarter in a matter of...

  • Practical Hypnosis: Learn Hypnosis to Influence People, Improve Your Health, and Achieve Your Goals

    Enhance Your Everyday Life With Everyday Hypnosis “Hypnosis.” The very essence of the word conjures up an image of some theatrical individual swinging a pocket watch in front of willing participants in an attempt to get them into a trancelike state, who lose all their free will and do whatever the hypnotist commands. Nothing could be further from the truth. Pop culture and pure work of entertainment have mystified hypnotism as nothing more than manipulative mind control when, in fact,...