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  • Your Guide to the Best Smart Drugs: Artificial and Natural

    (Disclaimer: The information here is clearly intended for informational purposes only and is not considered medical advice, which you should always consult with your primary physician about. We are not responsible for how you intend to use this information.) Our contemporary world keeps presenting us with array of choices about everything. You want a car that doesn’t pollute? Solar panels. You want meat that doesn’t come from animals that suffer? SuperMeat has it. You want to communicate with beloved people...

  • Smart Drugs — Fact or Fiction?

    A lot can be said about the idea of “smart drugs” all thanks to Hollywood and pop culture referencing them — from the movies Lucy (2014) to Limitless (2011) and the adapted TV series of the latter (2015). It is certainly fascinating, to say the least, of the sheer possibility that just by taking a pill our brains could gain enhanced superhuman capacities that would allow us to think faster, perform better, and ultimately be smarter in a matter of...

  • Most Common Cancer in WOMEN — How to Prevent and Take Care of It

    The most common cancer for women of all races in the United States is breast cancer. This includes both invasive and non-invasive types. It affects more than twice as many women as the second most common form, lung cancer. It is essential that women understand how to prevent breast cancer, how to screen for it, and how to treat it if it is diagnosed. How to Prevent Breast Cancer *To prevent cancer, the key is to avoid risk factors and...