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Should I Get an iPhone or Android? — 3 Simple Questions to Find Out

by Staff | November 23, 2015

Tech Phones

There are several types of smartphones on the market today. However, when you focus on the top of the heap, you’ll find that there are two options most people go for: the iPhone and Android phone.

These two options focus on the operating system.

  • Android is an open-source operating system that is ubiquitous in nature which you have more freedom with.
  • iPhone’s operating system is exclusively from Apple and connects only with iOS on laptops and tablets that they offer.

While Android may have some upside, personality sometimes gets into the frame when it comes to selecting Apple’s option.

Should you get a phone based on personality? Perhaps a few considerations to help you make the right call.

1. High Tech or High Fashion?

The first thing to understand about the marketing elements that Apple employs is their focus on looks and fashion more so than high tech. The processing power found within the Apple lineup is good, but is often slower or a slightly smaller generation of chipsets than that of Android phones. The focus of Apple’s design is on sleek, visually compelling, fast phones that are upgraded every year, and sometimes twice a year.

Android, however, focuses more on high tech and other companies that use their technology and are not all too caught up with the fashion or design element as much as Apple. That leads to bulky, unattractive phones, but with a lot of freedom compared to the fashionable, sleek designs that come with iPhone’s design.

2. Customizable or Not?

Are you the type of person who likes to upgrade things on your own? If your personality type relies on DIY and upgrading things without having to spend money, then you should NOT get an iPhone.

Apple is notorious for charging for every upgrade. If you want a bigger screen, more memory, or just about anything related to the phone’s systems, you will need to pay more.

Android’s elements can be upgraded, from memory, to processor, and more. Some will even let you add camera lenses, speakers, and other peripherals at no extra cost. In other words, more customizable with Android.

3. Personality Dictates to Your Phone?

At the end of the day, personality can dictate what phone you choose.

Creative, free thinking, less technically-inclined individuals prefer the out-of-the box experience that iPhone provides. If that sounds like you, purchase that.

However, if you want a bit more flexibility, freedom, and upgrades, Android offers a better option for your personality.

by Staff

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