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Tag: career

  • How Do I Market Myself in this Day and Age? — 3 Personal Branding Ideas

    Marketing today is not solely about being professional – it has become personal too. If you are not branding or marketing yourself as well as your skills, you are missing out on opportunities. Countless folks still do not understand how vital this is in today’s market. If you have never thought about this, or perhaps you have and want to start working towards a better presentation, the followings are must-haves to gain momentum. Revamp Your Social Networks Sign and get...

  • How to Quickly Find a Job after College

    Congratulations dear graduates! 20+ years of your life – not to mention all the swell, blood, and tears of non-stop midnight oil burning – have finally gotten you to this moment of receiving your college degree. Woohoo! Ready to pop the champagne and indulge in endless crappy reality shows to kill your brain cells, smushing it to a sponge puddle of fatty acids? Not so fast! Your journey is far from over. Sorry, please never shoot the messenger. Just when...

  • What to Major In in College?

    Ah, college. The ultimate destination devoted to higher learning where we all have been told time and time again since a toddler of needing to reach in order to make something extraordinary out of our lives and be a true success. Going to college is an incredible opportunity to get an education in nearly any discipline that you desire. Millions of people go off to college every year, and they go for majors in varying career paths, and some even...