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Tag: spirituality

  • Basic Feng Shui Principles

    We live in an agitated world. There is so much thing to do and so little time that, sometimes, it gets hard to keep our most vital spaces tidy, especially if you’re just a young professional or student trying to make the best out of your day, or maybe you’re simply lazy. But why does it matter? Due to the uncountable times that we feel disconnected from our environment, we probably don’t feel that our messy habits get in the...

  • What is the Third Eye — Opening Your Third Eye to Benefit You

    Where and what is the Third Eye? You may have heard of the Third Eye, that mysterious psychic organ located somewhere between the eyes, the brows, and the lower forehead. Some claim that it is located within the pineal gland of the brain and is sensitive to light through the forehead. In certain traditions, the Third Eye corresponds to an energy center known as the “sixth chakra.” What does the Third Eye do? It is difficult to say what the...