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Tag: study skills

  • Pass the Final Exams without Studying

    Regardless of colleges (as well as even in high school), every student will face off against the final exams. Whether that is an essay to write or a multiple-choice exam to take, they must perform with flying colors in order to graduate and obtain a degree. Now here’s the thing, what if you don’t study? Can you still pass your final exams without even studying? Most will say “no,” but it’s not impossible. So how can you pull this off...

  • Memorization Techniques to Improve Short-Term Memory

    Are you the type of person who forgets your keys, appointments, people’s name, or materials needed to learn for work or school? If you’re categorized as a human being, you certainly must have. Every day we encounter these short-term memory issues of forgetfulness – and wish we could simply remember everything. You may even tell yourself that it is not possible and that you will always be forgetting things. However, you should beg to differ. Why? Because there are three...

  • SAT Test-Taking Tips

    Millions of students this year will sweat, curse, and cry over a test that will help or hurt their chances of getting into the best colleges in the world. The SAT exam is a standardized test that only a few institutions will ignore, meaning they’re pretty much still required by all the major top universities. While there are many strategies to gain the upper hand on the SAT, the following tips to keep in mind are not to be brushed...

  • How to Read Faster and Comprehend More

    To be the survival of the fittest for the 21st century, we humans need to be able to process information and retain it to help us get by on a daily basis. The more knowledge you have, the more successful you can be. How do you go about acquiring such knowledge? Even though with the advancement of the internet where information can nowadays be digitally accessed through videos and audios, reading is still the prime way of absorbing information in...