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What’s So Special About “$1 Club Shaver”? — Dollar Shave Club vs Gillette

by Staff | February 1, 2017

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The rise of shave clubs has been getting a lot of attention. Millions of advertising dollars have been spent on commercials and product placements.

The biggest of these clubs is that of Dollar Shave Club. They promote the idea that you can get razors for as little as $1, without compromising cost or security. They stop short of naming their competitors, but do talk about the cost and inconvenience of purchasing razor cartridges from companies like Gillette.

But what’s so special about them? Are they worth investing into? How do they shape up against a Gillette Shaver?

The Dollar Shave Club Idea

The Dollar Shave Club service is simple enough. They offer a subscription-based shaving platform. When you sign up, you will pick the razor and handle you like, and they ship the items to you.

The first box that you can order is literally $1 and $2 shipping and handling. The “Humble Twin” at $1 comes with 2 blades and 5 cartridges per month for just $5. Subscribers must stay with the company in order to receive more blades, but the cost never goes beyond $1.

Now, there are higher-priced plans. Dollar Shave Club can go as high as $9 a month with free shipping. This tier comes with a 6-blades razor and 4 cartridges shipped monthly, or bi-monthly, depending on the frequency that someone wants. The price is $9 and that’s it.

Extras to Add On:

Dollar Shave Club doesn’t just sell razors, mind you. They have a whole line of men’s health items. This includes shaving cream, lotion, and bath items. They can be added to the monthly subscription, or they can be purchased as standalone items.

These extras are marketed through print newsletters that come with each subscription box and through emails that are sent to subscribers.

The Gillette Option

Gillette has been a well-established trusted name in the razors industry for a long time. They sell their items in stores at various price points. The Gillette Sensor, for instance, can run $14 for one razor and $19.99 for refills of the cartridges.

However, Gillette also has their own club.

Gillette’s club costs $11, but is as low as $8 for the first order. Every month or so, a shipment is sent out with refills. The highest cost here is $21.45 for a Fusion Proshield and a 4-blades refill.

The Verdict

The bottom line here is simple, Gillette costs more. Even if they have more advanced technology, consumers looking for a “deal” with similar style razors, go with Dollar Shave Club to save money.

At a rate of $9 for the most advanced options from Dollar Shave Club, the savings differential makes it special over Gillette’s options in stores and through their own club.

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