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Write for Us

by Staff | July 17, 2015


“Want To Write For Instafo?”

Now you can! If you like to write for us, you can contribute at any time.

Please note that this is more like “guest-writing” when you have something to submit as you go.

If you like to become a regular writer, consider becoming an Instafo Instructor.

Now Why Write For Us?

It’s a great opportunity to have a voice to speak your mind and spread your words of wisdom to the world.

We have a prominent audience and large network that will get you free widespread exposure and build your presence and credibility.

If you have a site, you’ll get quality backlinks to improve your ranking and increase your traffic.

We maintain a high-quality standard control, and only accept decent articles. Even if you submit an article, there’s no guarantee it will be accepted.

Required Guidelines:

MUST be at least 500 words.

MUST be informative, providing helpful practical content related to self-help or anything knowledge-based, e.g., dog training, pain relieving, stock trading, natural healing, etc.

MUST be entirely original. No articles that have ONLY just been spun. No duplicate-content, and can NOT be posted anyway else. We’re are constantly searching the web, and if we find your article, it will be deleted.

All articles submitted will be reviewed and may be edited for grammatical errors at the author’s discretion. (NO CHANGES will be made to the content itself.)

The article becomes an entire property of ours, and we reserve the right to take the article down anytime without question.

Submit Your Article Now!

If you’re interested, please submit your request here, within the subject-line “Write for Instafo.”

Submit Your Article Now

by Staff

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