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Where Can I Buy Clothes that Celebrities Wear? And Affordable Alternatives?

by Staff | November 12, 2018

Style Celebrity Looks

Want to own what the celebrities wear?

When it comes to celebrity clothing, you should realize that they don’t just go browsing at the mall or everyday retailers. They typically go directly to the source for custom-made outfits, and you can bet that they shell out big bucks for doing this, or they are given clothing from various brands to wear. This all depends on whom you wish to emulate.

Obviously, you don’t want to blow your monthly food budget just to keep up in the fast fashion department, and you probably aren’t the types who get free clothing from sponsors.

If you still insist on carrying on your passionate pursuit to dress like your favorite celebrities, you certainly do have options, without breaking the bank. With that note in mind, you need to understand where they shop for their clothing.

Where do Celebrities Shop?

First of all, celebrities are not normal everyday folks. They live in their own little bubble and have assistants for everything, which includes buying clothes for them. They usually gravitate toward name brand stores or higher-end retailers. Companies like Barney’s, Sax Fifth Avenue, and Nordstroms come to mind.

Beyond that, celebrities unsurprisingly do get a helping hand from designers and companies who send them clothing, in hopes that they will be photographed with the products to sell more as a brand ambassador or marketing spokesperson.

Take note on what sub-culture or group that each celebrity represents, then you will have easily narrowed down your choices.

  • For instance, if you want to mirror celebrities like Kevin Smith and Tony Hawk, look into sports teams, skateboarding brands, and others encompassing within the streetwear culture. Find a tailor to get the exact-match custom made, or you could go with brands like Obey, Supreme, Huf, and others.

What are Affordable Alternatives?

Definitely do NOT discount this option on the table of going with cheaper alternatives. The mall here is one of your best friends. You can find department stores like Macy’s, Marshall, J.C. Penney, and others carrying the same brands for less or alternative decent brands that are very similar in style and fit to what celebrities own.

Don’t limit yourself on must having a specific name brand, because nobody will really care or notice what the sewed brand label says, but rather how it looks on you and how you work it.

There are various ways you’ll find that you can go about this economically, all to help you get the most bang for your buck and turn heads with your alternative-celebrity wears.

Go Online

If you are serious about getting your favorite celebrities’ looks, there is nothing like saving money shopping for unbridled selection of clothes online.

  • Believe or not, you can go with the reigning king of online merchant, Yes, even though we don’t associate Amazon with high-end name brands clothing, you can find a great deal of them on here that are low cost and on clearance.
  • There are also auction websites like that you can turn to for a helping hand with creating your own celebrity look.

Now there are potential cons that need to be brought up:

  • Shopping for clothes online can get tricky when it comes to size, and the size can vary depending on measurement and region. Be sure you know and have your exact measurements ready.
  • Just like with buying anything from sellers online, be sure to do your own due diligence in assessing the seller’s reputation and reviews.

Overall, shopping for clothes online allows access to more choices and varieties in the fashion department to dressing like the celebrities without paying the celebrities’ high-tag prices.

by Staff

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