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What to Major In in College?

by Staff | September 18, 2017

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Ah, college. The ultimate destination devoted to higher learning where we all have been told time and time again since a toddler of needing to reach in order to make something extraordinary out of our lives and be a true success.

Going to college is an incredible opportunity to get an education in nearly any discipline that you desire. Millions of people go off to college every year, and they go for majors in varying career paths, and some even pursue duel-majors, taking on additional workloads so they can get multiple degrees at once or sooner.

Deciding on a major is one of the most important decisions you can make in your life (besides settling on a spouse or even the naming of your firstborn). But if you are wishy-washy on which career path to take, then consider this your guiding hand to shed light on this dark and bumpy road.

  • Go “Undecided” as a Placeholder

First thing first, every student in college has to take the necessary “core” prerequisites before they can progress into the classes related to their major, usually requiring two years to get through. For that reason, don’t feel the urgent need to settle on a major now – simply select “Undecided” as a placeholder. Again, since everyone has to take those prerequisites, go with an “Undecided” route to help you ascertain the options that are available to you, and how to progress with them.

  • Start with a “Liberal Arts” Major

Going with “liberal arts” is another great starting point because it introduces you to a broad range of different classes to see where you have a natural inclination toward to. This exposes you to most universities’ standard core curriculum in math, science, literature, and a lot of prerequisites to help you discover what you’re good at and passionate about. From there, you can finally choose a major that is going to suit you swell into your future.

  • Look at Career Trajectories

Higher education is meant to prepare you in the professional field of your choosing. To that effect, take time to explore career trajectories for majors across schools that you want to attend. For instance, look up how much a career in teaching, engineering, design, or just about any major that you can think of could earn you upon graduation. People getting their degrees are doing so to garner the most appeal from employers and to ensure the most mobility in career advancement as possible, such as an organization requiring a specific degree just to be considered for promotion in a management role. Knowing the opportunities out there in a profession can help you decide whether a degree is worth pursuing.

While picking a major can be a hair-pulling experience, you can narrow down your choices to the bare basics first. Really take your time because the best decisions are rarely hasty decisions. Choosing the right major before investing too much time and money in it is going to pay off dividends in the long run.

by Staff

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