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How Do I Market Myself in this Day and Age? — 3 Personal Branding Ideas

by Staff | October 2, 2017

Business Marketing

Marketing today is not solely about being professional – it has become personal too. If you are not branding or marketing yourself as well as your skills, you are missing out on opportunities. Countless folks still do not understand how vital this is in today’s market.

If you have never thought about this, or perhaps you have and want to start working towards a better presentation, the followings are must-haves to gain momentum.

  • Revamp Your Social Networks

Sign and get your social network sites’ handlers, and use your real name. Do not pick something abstract, or “cool.” Just use your first initial and your last name. If it’s taken, then use your full name.

The goal here is to have a media platform that is searchable online. When you apply for a job, and someone searches your name in Google, social networks will pop up. Instead of having to wonder if a profile is you or not, a manager can easily find you via your name and brand.

  • Set Up A Simple Website

You do not need to be a wizard with computers to set up a website nowadays. There are plenty of small hosting companies to choose from. Look for an option that is 100% free, and set up a simple web page. You have plenty of options from WordPress, Tumblr, Wix, and Blogger.

You want to set up a work history, a cover letter, and a current picture of yourself. Also, include a simple email which employers can reach you at. A simple site will be enough to get indexed in Google, in case someone is looking for you by name.

  • Create A Title and Use Business Cards

Create a title for yourself. Whether you’re employed or not, think of yourself as a business. What do you do? What are you good at? Answer those with a position, then get business cards.

When you meet new people, pass out your business card. Smile, shake their hands, and repeat their name at least twice. Your goal is to brand yourself, and a business card, title, and information does that.

Marketing yourself today is a matter of being different than the next person and stand out, whether you are applying for a job or you just want to revamp your position. Just remember, keep these elements clean and avoid controversy, and you will be on your way.

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