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Month: March 2017

  • Ways to Improve Eyesight

    Eyesight, a person’s ability to see, involves a complex interaction between the external objects in the environment, light, the two eyes, the optic nerves, and the left and right hemispheres of the brain. Visual acuity is the clarity or sharpness of vision. Loss of visual acuity may be caused by a variety of conditions, with some appearing in childhood and adolescence and others associated with injury or aging. Problems with eyesight are commonly treated with optical correction using glasses or...

  • How to Tell When Someone is Lying

    Where there are humans, there is lying. Lies are abundant in society, occurring in workplaces, schools, within families, and in relationships. They range from the harmless white lie (that you often don’t even know you are doing) to the blatant manipulative lie meant for personal gain. Lying is a common problem, not just with suspects in heinous crimes but also with people whom you trust and hold dearest. Everyone must be a lie detective. It is regrettable but unavoidable to...