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Tag: behaviors

  • How to Tell When Someone is Lying

    Where there are humans, there is lying. Lies are abundant in society, occurring in workplaces, schools, within families, and in relationships. They range from the harmless white lie (that you often don’t even know you are doing) to the blatant manipulative lie meant for personal gain. Lying is a common problem, not just with suspects in heinous crimes but also with people whom you trust and hold dearest. Everyone must be a lie detective. It is regrettable but unavoidable to...

  • The Whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth…about TRUTH SERUM

    Is there such thing as truth serum? Are you a fantasy lover? Have kids—or perhaps you’re young at heart, yourself? If so, you may be familiar with Veritaserum from the Harry Potter books by J.K. Rowling. Just a few drops of this magic potion and you can force anyone to answer your questions honestly. While officially only to be used by the Ministry of Magic for interrogating suspects, naturally the temptation is quite strong for others to use it on...

  • How to Be a Better Conversationalist

    As social beings, we are all expected to be pretty decent when it comes to the art of small talk, except, however, engaging in good and quality conversation is exactly that – a skill that needs to be picked up. While some people are complete naturals being able to chat up with anyone at any time and make people feel comfortable with their first “Hello!” that is always accompanied with a contagious smile, others don’t find anything easy or pleasant...

  • How to Make Good Friends

    Living in a modern technological society, human relation interaction has changed forever: from families who can now connect through Skype to Facebook friends who we really don’t know much about. But, we have to wonder every once in a while “How is it possible that I have 500+ friends on Facebook, but none to hang out with?” If we think about it, we can see that having good friends is a hard enterprise that requires some depth, and much more...