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Debra Morrison

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It’s not easy finding useful information on the internet, but Instafo aims to change the unfortunate truth.

Instafo is a one-stop collection of countless articles and informational posts on just about every topic under the sun—so long as these articles and posts relate to enhancing one’s abilities, life quality, and/or knowledge.
What separates Instafo from other, similar websites is rather simple: Instafo is free to use, Instafo is comprised entirely of useful knowledge, and Instafo is accessible and carefully designed. The culmination of these points is a resource of an unparalleled quality.

A resource that’s changing the way information is accessed.
Browse the site, click around, and prepare to learn more than you have in quite a while. As a final disclaimer, Instafo is not responsible for time lost to browsing information and useful posts.
Time spent browsing so much awesome content can undoubtedly add up.


  • How to Locate a Stolen Laptop

    Benjamin Franklin once said this handy-dandy proverb: “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” In other words, preventing problems is the best way to solve them. We could probably all agree on that. But what happens when you just can’t avoid certain events like Murphy’s Law says, “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong”? Obviously, nobody ever wants bad things to happen to them…and if you’re the clueless type, it’s possible that you have a tendency…

  • 10 Steps to Legally Grow Your Own Marijuana

    Legalization is growing like wildfire… It has become legal to cultivate cannabis, or marijuana, in most states within the United States as well as in Canada for both individuals and licensed professionals alike. While there are many requirements to be met by Health Canada, there are some states in the United States where licensing is not very strict. For informational purposes only, we will dive into the possibility of legally growing your own medical marijuana – which basically depends on…

  • What is Brainwave Entrainment — A Tool to Increase Your IQ

    People often engage in meditation as a means to improving emotional state, self-awareness, and dream incubation. However, there are many other reasons why one should engage in the practice of meditation. Research has shown that regular meditation can contribute to a great deal of life benefits: Improved well-being Better health immunity Reduction in stress level Higher concentration Enhanced creativity and memory But did you know that there is a type of meditation that is specially intended to sharpen mental acuity…

  • Fastest Way to Get a Bachelor’s Degree

    A bachelor’s degree is no longer optional but necessary if you hope to have any chance of getting accepted in the workforce or promoted in the workplace, which has gotten tremendously competitive over the past decade. But still, obtaining a bachelor’s degree can never seem to be accomplished any quicker. That’s because it requires at least four years of active participation and time dedicated to the long hours for the academic pursuit. Some folks may even spend more than four…

  • What is Personal Development — How to Improve Yourself

    H4444ave you ever accepted the hard-to-swallow fact that there may be an area in your life that is not where you want it to be? Maybe, you see weakness or emptiness and want to improve upon it. Whether you want to improve your relationship with other people, get in shape, manage your anger or stress, change the status quo and become the best that you can be, you MUST enter the realm of self-help to achieve these goals. The aim…

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