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Anthony Baker

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  • How to Be a Better Conversationalist

    As social beings, we are all expected to be pretty decent when it comes to the art of small talk, except, however, engaging in good and quality conversation is exactly that – a skill that needs to be picked up. While some people are complete naturals being able to chat up with anyone at any time and make people feel comfortable with their first “Hello!” that is always accompanied with a contagious smile, others don’t find anything easy or pleasant…

  • Reverse Degenerative Disc Disease — Treatments for Herniated Disc

    The spine is made up of a column of bones called vertebrae. In between each vertebra is a spongy piece of tissue called a disc. The discs act as cushions for the bones, preventing them from rubbing against each other, and contributing to the flexibility of the spine. In many people, the discs start to fall apart over time, especially in those who sit for long periods; this is called degeneration. The discs may even bulge out some from the…

  • How to Find My Lost Phone?

    Nowadays, it can be safe to assume that most of our lives revolve around our “phones.” It’s funny how such small device contains such large quantity of our personal and vital information, and not to mention our daily dependency – or, hopefully, the lack thereof. Regardless if you’re a phoneaholic, distractions and thievery are all too common causes of losing possession of your precious phone. In other words, maybe you’ve lost your phone when you were in the middle of…

  • Most Common Cancer in MEN — How to Prevent and Take Care of It

    By far, the most common cancer for men of all races in the United States is prostate cancer. It affects nearly twice as many men as the second most common form, lung cancer. For this reason, it is essential that men understand how to prevent prostate cancer, how to screen for it, and how to treat it if it is diagnosed. How to Prevent Prostate Cancer *To prevent cancer, the key is to avoid risk factors and increase protective factors….

  • How to Become Psychic

    Have you ever had this feeling that something negative would happen, and eventually it came to pass? Maybe you were overwhelmed with the feeling that your sibling was in danger and needed your assistance at that moment; and sooner than later, you learned that was such the case. Perhaps once in a while you get the feeling that a person you know is going to call you, and that does happen. Do you think these instances are of mere coincidences…

  • Budgeting for Beginners

    Every one of us has been there. You still have several days until payday and the money is gone. Being broke sucks. Having too much month at the end of the money is discouraging when you work hard and can’t get ahead to make ends meet. This troubling phenomenon of being broke is not the product of gnomes sneaking in and stealing the money you have hidden in your mattress. This is a direct result of poor planning. Sooner or…

  • What is Conventional and Alternative Medicine — How to Use Them Complementarily

    Have you heard about those poor unfortunate souls who are on 18 different pharmaceuticals—12 to treat their illnesses, and six to treat the side effects from the first 12? Such absurd practice has got to stop. This is where you come in. You are smarter and wiser. Please understand that while it may be called “alternative” medicine, you should (at least in most cases) not consider it to be an alternative but rather a potential PRIMARY option. Shift from Conventional…

  • How to Be an Intellectual

    It takes less physical energy to drive to work. Perhaps, it is even more pleasant, time-saving and convenient than walking. In fact, it is no big deal. But do you know that you aren’t going to be expending physical energy if you drive everywhere you go or spend your life being driven by an unmanned vehicle? What’s the point we’re trying to get at? Your muscles will become stale over time, and your physical condition will eventually grow weaker and…