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Anthony Baker

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My adventure into the world of linguistics started when I was working as a volunteer for the Peace Corps and found myself in uncharted territory in Uganda, not knowing a single word of their native language. Determined to interact with the locals to help them as much as I could, I immersed in studying the different local dialects and pick up the language in no time. My travels brought me to a multitude of countries, resulting in the need to continually learn different languages in order to meet the demands of the work.

Afterwards, I worked as a German, Japanese, Chinese, and Indian language teacher, teaching my students the very methods I used myself to learn different languages in record time.

Today, I speak over 10 languages, as well as read and write in them. I am very grateful all the amazing people I have met and the experiences I have had traveling the world that eventually led me to my boot camp style approach to learn any language fast.


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